JPMorgan Funds - Aggregate Bond Fund

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Benchmark:Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index (Total Return Gross) Hedged to EUR
Investment objective

To achieve a return in excess of global bond markets by investing primarily in global investment grade debt securities, using derivatives where appropriate.

Asset classBond
Key facts
Fund manager(s)Iain Stealey,
Linda Raggi
Fund launch date09.11.09
Fund size (as at 22.08.19)USD 3.063,7 m
Fund size (as at 31.07.19)USD 3.030,2 m
Share class launch date09.11.09
Share class currencyEUR
Overall Morningstar RatingTM
(as at 31.07.19)
Net asset value
22.08.199,18  EUR
21.08.199,19  EUR
20.08.199,19  EUR
19.08.199,18  EUR
16.08.199,21  EUR
12 month NAV high (16.08.19)9,21  EUR
12 month NAV low  (20.11.18)8,52  EUR
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Fund highlights

All Sub-Funds are subject to Investment Fund risk. The risks listed below could give rise to one or more of three basic outcomes to investors: loss, volatility or failure to meet the Sub-Fund’s objective.

Techniques Risks: Derivatives, Hedging securities, Short position
Strategies Risks: Concentration
Securities Risks: Equities securities, Equities

Counterparty risk  Any financial institution providing services or acting as a party to derivatives or other instruments, techniques or transactions may become unable or unwilling to meet its obligations to the Sub-Fund, resulting in losses to the Sub-Fund.

Credit risk  A bond will generally lose value if the issuer’s financial health deteriorates, or appears likely to. An issuer could go into default (become unwilling or unable to make payments on their bonds), which often will make the bond illiquid or worthless.

Currency risk  Movements or changes in currency exchange rates could adversely affect the value of the Sub-Fund’s securities and the price of the Sub-Fund’s Shares.

Interest rate risk  When interest rates rise, bond prices tend to fall. This risk is greater the longer the maturity or duration of the bond. It also can affect investment grade bonds more than below investment grade bonds.

Liquidity risk  Certain securities, especially those that trade infrequently or on comparatively small markets, may be hard to buy or sell at a desired time and price.

Market risk  Prices of securities change continually and can fall based on a wide variety of factors affecting financial markets generally or individual sectors.

Further information about risks can be found in Risk Descriptions in the Prospectus.

Performance (as at 31.07.19)
1 month0,44 %
3 months2,61 %
1 year4,51 %
3 years-0,44 %
5 years7,88 %
10 years-